The plan is simple, let's travel the world

This is going to be a thing to remember!
So if you're bored with your job, have some cash saved and want to have fun,
I highly advise you to check my schedule and join me on this Round The World trip

Then don't wait and write me a message!

I'll be waiting on a messages coming my way. There are many ways how to contact me. Keep reading!

Here's a little bit of my own work

I love photography and also video making. Sometimes it's tough job to wake up early in the morning, or stay up all night if you're doing some night timelapses, but it's well worth it. I try to upload some photos on the website so you can have a look there, and also on youtube I have few videos.

I'm passionate about sharing the beauty of this world through photos and videos. Sometimes it's hard to press the shutter button and not just enjoy the power of the moment. But it helps to remember. Remember places and people. Sometimes a crappy photo from a phone is more than nothing. Those photos are more likely to be found on the blog page.

Photograph Cape Reinga beach by Jiri George Dolejs on 500px
Photograph Morning above the castle in Arco by Jiri George Dolejs on 500px
Photograph Rest and watch the boat by Jiri George Dolejs on 500px
Photograph Mount Ruapehu from the Desert Road by Jiri George Dolejs on 500px


This part is soon to be added, but just as a small teaser I want to visit: USA, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Philippines, Mongolia, China and back home to the Czech Republic.

Stay in touch

Based on my previous experience I've decided that my friends like to check where I travel and what I do. It might even become a daily routine for some. So for those I've prepared a simple map where you can see my position live. OK it's not really "live" but... It's one day old and randomized in 50km radius. I still quite like my own privacy :)

You want to know more?

Every traveller writes a blog. I do too... You can check it below, but be prepared that some posts are in czech as I wrote them mainly for my friends back home. From now on they'll be bi-lingual. Even if you don't understand czech, check the photos they might start the feeling inside you that you want to join me on this awesome trip.

It's easy to read what I do, follow me on tumblr / facebook / youtube

I've also included the blog here, so you have just one page to open :)

And what now?

If you've come all the way here, and you're happy to put your job aside and enjoy life in it's full send me a message. It's as easy as filling in this simple form. Send me a message and I'll get back to you. Whatever comes to your mind, just say it.